Meet the “guitar slayer” from Detroit, Aaron Hill, who goes by the name of “Ron Bluu”. Born an Aries, he’s always had his hand and heart in music. Growing up playing the drums in church gave him his start performing musically. He taught himself how to play the guitar a little over 5 years ago and he’s fallen in love with it ever since.


Ron Bluu gives us full insight to his artistic process:

“My musical process is playing for a few hours until I come across a different sounding chord progression and build on top of that. From there I start writing and if necessary contact other musicians around the city to help build on the song.”

His dad is his number 1 inspiration for his life and talent in the music industry, he mentions:

“He plays every instrument but the guitar and he is also self-taught. So if it wasn’t for him  I wouldn’t have started to teach myself how to play.”

Ronn Bluu’s music is influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Kanye West, Kerry Marshall and Jarius Mozee. When it comes to industry influencers that he would love to meet, he mentions Kanye West, Jay-Z and Dame Dash. All of which are very hard-hitters in the music industry.


He aspires to have his production company up and running successfully, on tour and working on his 3rd project in the next 5 years. His debut album will be on all streaming platforms mid-year 2020.

If you would like to check him out, visit his Instagram at